Alliance Anti Trafic (AAT) ANNUAL REPORT 2020


Alliance Anti Trafic (AAT) combats sexual violence in all its forms including sexual exploitation,
sexual abuse, forced marriage, forced surrogacy, and online sexual exploitation of women
and girls in Thailand, Laos, Shan State of Myanmar, and Vietnam. AAT also helps Thai, Lao,
Burmese, and Vietnamese women and girls trafficked for sexual exploitation overseas. AAT
intervenes to protect women and girls through direct field actions implemented in a regional
approach. AAT also works on the suppression on the demand side. AAT takes care of targeted
women and children by supporting them throughout the full protection process: AAT
prevents groups at risk, identifies and protects victims found in exploited places, provide
them with legal assistance, supports and repatriates them back to their communities. AAT
also reintegrates them based on their choices by developing their capacity in a way that they
can be of economic and social benefit to their communities. AAT finally empowers
beneficiaries so that they can participate to protect others.

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