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Alliance Anti trafic

Since 2001 Alliance Anti Trafic (AAT) protects women and children from sexual violence. We are locally and internationally registered which gives AAT cross-region auctioning capability. We established programs in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Shan State, Myanmar. We implement direct field actions to protect women and children coming from these countries who have been victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation Worldwide. We also protect any women and children who have been victims within these countries. We rescue victims, provide them with legal support, career alternatives and empower them so that they participate to protect others. We also educate communities so that they are able to prevent their daughters from sexual violence (including online ways). We intervened in cases of sex trafficking, online sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, forced marriage, and forced surrogacy. Each year, we prevent around 800 persons, rescue around 150 victims, prosecute around 20 offenders and provide careers plans to around 50 beneficiaries.

Advocacy: 13 years of success

  • 2003: Case in Malaysia

    First transnational trafficking case in Malaysia - After the project is opened, we received the case of Vietnamese trafficked to Malaysia through Cambodia and Thailand under a big network of transnational organized crime.

  • 2004: Victim's Protection in Thailand

    The success of development victims’ protection in Thailand and recognition of human trafficking by the Vietnamese government.

  • 2005: Agreement with nation women union

    The Vietnamese government recognized human trafficking. In the same year, AAT signed an agreement with the national women union to set up a national center to receive victims of trafficking in Can Tho, Vietnam. The parallel NGOs networks are created.

  • 2006: Network collaboration

    First legal procedures success in Thailand from AAT and network collaboration. In the same year, the regional task force is established. The taskforce included AAT, NGOs from Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and the commission of Human Rights of both Malaysia and Thailand. Furthermore, the first protection and repatriation are established under the collaboration between Thailand and Malaysia while, at that time, Malaysia had not yet officially recognized human trafficking.

  • 2007: Advisers conerning women issues

    From the success of the rescue operation, AAT became advisers concerning women issues of the National Sub Committee of Human Rights of Thailand. Finally, there is a change in police structure concerning women protection of the Thai police structure.

  • 2008: Action in Laos

    AAT first initial action in Laos is implemented this year. By the success, we also have taskforce at the southern of Thailand and Malaysia towards human trafficking and deportation. This enabled us to send regularly a team at the immigration depot inside Malaysia to interview Thai detainees to screen among them who was victims of trafficking.

  • 2009: Investigation on speicial cases

    New mechanisms to combat human trafficking and corruption in Thailand is established and implemented. AAT together with networks encouraged in order to obtain the creation of the Department of Special Investigations, a special unit out from the police structure able to investigate special legal cases such as corruption. This year, AAT also has official action with the Lao women union.

  • 2010: Awarded at National level human trafficking issues

    Awarded at the national level towards human trafficking issues. The award results from the multi-disciplinary team model we have established in the immigration detention center of Sadao to protect victims of trafficking.

  • 2011: Center at Southern of Thailand

    Officially opened coordination center at Southern of Thailand

Principles and Ethics



    We respect the privacy rights of survivors.


    We prioritized the best outcome for the women and children.


    We are compassionate, not pitying.


    We work with integrity.


    We believe in equality; fair treatment for everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion.


    We are reliable and trustworthy.

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