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alliance anti trafic projects

  • Protection from and Prevention of Sexual Violence (including via online methods) Against Girls in Thailand

    protecting and preventing young girls to falling prey to online sexual exploitation, if we come across girls who are subject to sexual exploitation offline, we continue to rescue such victims who have been trafficked inside hidden brothels. Furthermore, we work with local authorities in order to collect evidence and provide legal assistance to all victims in order to prosecute offenders and provide compensation to victims.

  • Empowering Former Victims to become Agents of Change who Protect Vulnerable Groups from Sexual Violence in Thailand

    Build self-esteem and self-confidence of beneficiaries, Provide career alternatives for beneficiaries and Provide leadership and related training so that they may protect other vulnerable groups in their society.

  • Provide Protection and Develop Preventative Measure for Thai Women Sex Trafficked Abroad

    dedicated to finding and protecting Thai victims trafficked abroad, while also assisting them with repatriation and reintegration into society.

  • Provide Protection to and Prevent Lao Victims from Sexual Exploitation in Laos

    committed to rescuing girls from such exploitation, while also acting to intervening and preventing girls from being exploited. We repatriated to safe places, provided with career alternatives, and empowered and trained so that they may become agent of change in their societies and protect other vulnerable individuals.

  • Prevention of Sexual Exploitation of Burmese Women and Girls

    implementing educational programs in local at-risk communities. We also have access to these communities through our volunteer watchdogs.

  • Educating Displaced Shan Women and Girls to Prevent them from being Trafficked for Sexual exploitation

    distributing most needed necessities to displaced people in the 6 camps located at the borders, where there is a lack of basic necessities such as electricity, food and medicine. Furthermore, we conduct such educational programs by providing such women and girls with necessary information, such as how to protect themselves and various ways they can ask for help in case they face problems in Thailand.

  • Protection of Burmese and Lao from forced marriage in China

  • Advocacy to Address Forging of Legal Documents with Fake Age in Laos

  • Advocacy to Address Trafficking of Foreign Women for Forced Marriage in China

  • Establishment of an International Organized Network of Southeast Asian Volunteers to Protect Victims Trafficked for Sexual Exploitation (Peer to Peer Action).

    committed to unifying all these volunteers in order to set up a club that will meet at least once a year for capacity building and sharing experience. We believe this alliance will help us coordinate and work more efficiently in order to protect and rescue victims.


Women and children are given great opportunities and choices from AAT. Besides, AAT is committed to and recognizes the importance of participation and giving opportunities for women and children. You, too, can be a part to give them the opportunity.


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