Empowering Women to Protect Women

” When I visited the newly repatriated former victims, I realised that they had been trafficked by the same people who trafficked me. I traced them and laid a complaint with the police. Two traffickers were arrested and sentenced to 17 and 15 years jail.” Former victims or vulnerable groups, removed by AAT from brothels or forced marriage, are empowered to become agents of change to prevent others from modern sex slavery, and support their families. We protect victims and seek to establish fair judicial practices, by having offenders brought to justice and pursuing restitution for victims. ” Read More

Alliance Anti-Trafic (AAT) is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-religious organization that aims to protect women and children in Southeast Asia from sexual explotation and trafficking.

AAT works to elimiate sexual exual exploitation through various different programs,aimed to cover the whole process of suppressing trafficking and sexual exploitation/abuse as well as to provide support to victims. Read More


You can help provide opportunities and protection to Southeast Asian women and children. You can use any credit card or Paypal to make a single donation or donate monthly.
€35 / US$45 covers university tuition for a former victim for a month.
€55 / US$70 covers materials for a basic empowerment activity for victims in a shelter. Read More