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We provide a response to vulnerable women, girls, and victims of all forms of sexual exploitation, abuse, forced marriage, illegal surrogacy, and trafficking.

Your help is appreciated to protect and provide opportunities to women and girls in Southeast Asia and WorldWide.

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By supporting us, you too can become a creator of change.

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The AAT team are activists committed to protect the rights of their beneficiaries. All reported actions, all stories, all pictures – unless stated otherwise – are from our personal experience in the field.

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We intervene in inextricable conditions where victims have no other possibility to reach protection services.

  • Focus on the worst cases
  • AAT is innovative
  • AAT covers the full process
  • AAT works without borders


We work to fight, protect, eliminate, and prevent sexual exploitation in all its forms, especially sexual abuse, prostitution and trafficking in women and minors. AAT intends to empower Through self-development to create positive attitudes to protect themselves and against sexual exploitation and become involved in eliminating sexual exploitation.

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Alliance Anti Trafic (Thailand office)

Office: (+66) 2 214 5157-8
Telephone: (+66) 61 713 8740

If you witness women and girls being exploited or trafficked for sexual purposes, Contact us

Tel. (+66) 94 403 7037

"AAT empowers women so that they protect women. Girls are precious as they are our daughters and our future mothers so they need full respect. Women are the pillars of the family and need to be respected as such, they are not men's objects. Evolution of humans is done through women's respect."
jurgen Thomas
Jurgen Thomas

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