About Us


Alliance Anti Trafic (AAT) is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-religious organization that aims to protect women and children in Southeast Asia from sexual exploitation and trafficking. AAT has two regional offices.

The regional office based in Bangkok, Thailand(AAT(Reg. Thai)) protects women and girls from sexual exploitation by rescuing the ones victims out from sexual exploitation. AAT also empowers women and girls for them to become agents of change by protecting others and for them to become economically independent to support their families. AAT also works with law enforcement officers to suppress offenders of sexual exploitation. (AAT(Reg. Thai)) works mainly in Thailand and Laos and has actions in Shan State Myanmar. AAT finally supports in order countries mainly China, Malaysia, South Korea and other parts of the world.

More information about AAT International, including operations in Vietnam, can be found through the AAT International website, through our Facebook page and through Twitter.

AAT ensures victims’ protection and repatriation through its partner organizations in other countries as Cambodia, China, Malaysia and ans South Korea but also in other parts of the World.

Legal status

We are locally and internationally registered which gives AAT cross-region actioning capability.

  • AAT(Reg.Thai)  is a regional organization with flexible presence in Thailand, Laos and North Myanmar due to the sensibility of its actions
  • AAT has two regional offices one based in Bangkok, Thailand and one in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
  • AAT is registered locally as a Thai foundation and has an Operational Permit in Laos. AAT is also registered as an international organization in France
  • AAT works through an international network mainly in Myanmar, Malaysia, South Korea, and China, but also in South Africa, Taiwan, France and England


AAT is a small courageous and discreet NGO that always deems the best interest of beneficiaries to be their main priority in terms of field action or advocacy. The AAT team are activists committed to protect the rights of their beneficiaries. All reported actions, all stories, all pictures – unless stated otherwise – are from our personal experience in the field.