Alliance Anti Trafic | Results of our work and future challenges

Results of our work and future challenges

Every year…

We provide protection to over 180 victims of sexual trafficking (Vietnamese, Thai, Lao, Cambodian, Burmese and Chinese). During the past 10 years, we have rescued and protected over 1700 women and children.
We support approximately 70 women and children who have been victims of trafficking to return home and access education, occupational training, startup capital and other services.


We give trafficking prevention trainings and interview approximately 650 detainees at Immigration Detention Centers in Thailand.
We provide empowerment trainings to some 160 women per year in Thailand and Laos for a total of 400 women receiving training so far.
We provide legal support to around 65 victims per year for a total of 365 persons.

So far…

We have trained a total of 160 youth leaders in trafficking prevention and watchdog activities on both sides of the Thai-Lao border.
The watchdog groups trained by us in communities along the border between Thailand and Laos are now independent and sustainable, as they have registered as their own organization and receive money from the Thai government.
As a result of our advocacy efforts, the Thai government now permits foreign victims to visit outside locations and work on the outside while staying at a protection shelter for victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation (full implementation of the policy subject to change in labor law).
We played a big role in the formation of multi-disciplinary teams (including at least a Lawyer, a Social Worker, a Psychologist and a Police representative) in trafficking victim identification in Thailand.
We organized the first official repatriation of Vietnamese trafficking victims from Thailand.
We established the first channel for protection and repatriation of trafficked victims from Malaysia, which has permitted providing assistance to 146 victims.
We handled the first ever legal case in Thailand that led to conviction and monetary compensation for a foreign victim.
Our social workers have been authorized by the Thai government to work in criminal legal procedures in cases involving children according to the Child Protection Act.

Our membership in the following permanent committees allows us to affect policies:

  • The Sub committee of the National Taskforce Against Trafficking Between Thailand and Laos
  • The Sub Committee of Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore to Combat Human Trafficking
  • The National Action Plan of Thailand to Combat Human Trafficking
  • The committee of Thai Regions
  • The provincial Cross Border Committee for Health


Future challenges

In the near future, we want to upscale the following activities in order to work more effectively against human trafficking for sexual abuse:

  • Increase work in the south of Thailand and on both sides of the border to Malaysia
  • Increase the collection of data and analysis of trafficking cases and processes
  • Increasing prevention and protection activities in Myanmar and Laos
  • Increasing actions for protection and suppression in Thailand
  • Stronger focus on the prosecution and conviction of offenders


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