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How you can help

Volunteer for AAT

Due to the nature of our work, we mostly accept volunteers who speak one of the languages of the region (Especially Thai, Lao, Burmese, Shan, Chinese, Malay) but in some cases also English speaking professionals, especially for communications related work. If you are interested in volunteering online or in Thailand, send a letter of motivation and CV to

Become a watchdog

Learn how to identify and assist trafficking victims
One way that you can help victims of trafficking is by educating yourself to identify trafficking in your own surroundings: UNODC has a list of factors that indicate that a person could be a victim of human trafficking or other forms of exploitation like sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, labor exploitation, or exploitation for begging and petty crime. If you suspect a case, you can contact us HERE.

Raise awareness/start your own support organization

Another way to help is by spreading the word and making sure more people are informed about trafficking and therefore more likely to help. You can host events at your office, in your school, your club or even at home with your friends and inform them about how to prevent trafficking and sexual abuse. If you are interested in starting a support organization for AAT in your country/city, organizing a fundraiser or receiving more information about our work, please contact

Be a conscious consumer

A lot of companies have factories in developing countries that employ children and human trafficking victims. Whenever you buy something, make sure that the company you are buying from is not associated with human trafficking or child labor exploitation.


In one click, you can help provide opportunities and protection to Southeast Asian women and children. Through our giving widget, you can use any credit card or payment service to make a single donation or donate monthly. Find out more

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