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Education Sponsorship

Educating a girl is the best investment you can make if you want to create development. Help us change lives by supporting young women achieve their dreams of a good education and real opportunities.
AAT supports former victims of human trafficking or other forms of sexual violence in their return and reintegration, which requires opportunities to obtain an education and/or possibilities to generate a sufficient income at home. These are just examples of 5 young women who show enormous potential in their studies, but need support to cover the costs of their education.


AAT has supported them in covering the costs of their education in the first phase, but our funds are not sufficient to cover the longer term costs, which are needed for the girls and young women to obtain an education, livelihood opportunities and the skills to return to their community and participate in its development.

Become an AAT education sponsor and support young women in their effort to acquire a good education and the opportunity to a real career and income – and generate a multiplier effect in their communities! You can sponsor alone or gather a bigger group.

Enter the amount you want to donate and which of the girls you want to support below – you can pay everything at once or a smaller sum monthly – how much and how often you choose.

AAT will provide you with regular financial reporting regarding the use of your donation, and the advancement of the studies you are sponsoring, including a letter from the young woman you are sponsoring every 6 months.

You can also donate to the AAT education fund in general, with an amount that is convenient to you. AAT will then contact you when we are planning to use your donation.
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Gookai is 20 years old and comes from a village in the countryside of Lao PDR. She is the oldest child of a poor farmer family. She dreams to be a teacher in her village and has been accepted to study a Bacherlor’s degree in Education in Vietnam, but needs support to finance her studies.
Gookai has been supported by AAT since 2010. AAT has supported her and her family in order to develop their agricultural production, and later in her studies. She wants to become a teacher, so she can provide the children in her community with knowledge and skills and to prevent more children from becoming victims of sexual abuse.


AAT has supported her by providing a scholarship for a diploma program in preschool education at the Champasak Provincial College. This year she will continue her studies in Vietnam, where she was accepted for a Bachelor’s degree program in preschool. She needs financial support for her tuition and living expenses while studying in Vietnam.

Details   Amount  (THB)  
Books and materials 1,000 * 4 months * 3 years 12,000
Food 4,500 * 4 months * 3 years 54,000
Tuition 16,000 * 3 years 48,000
Computer course 5,000 * 1 time 5,000  
Vietnamese language  course 5,000 * 2 times 
Total over 3 years   129,000  (approx. 4,500 USD)  
Monthly donation   3,600  (approx. 125 USD)  


Dao and Noi

Dao and Noi attended trainings in sewing at the Pakse Learning Center operated by AAT and the Lao Women’s Union. Both are now independent dressmakers and have some customers particularly in the festive season, but they are ambitious and want to increase their professional skills and gain more experience. Hence, their dream is to be able to attend courses in sewing and fashion design in Thailand.


Dao 20 years and Noi 23 years have been supported by AAT since 2011, when they were both referred to the Occupational Learning Center in Pakse, Champasak by the Lao Women’s Union in their village. They learned sewing and dressmaking, attended empowerment trainings and a study trip in Thailand with AAT.
With the skills they acquired and using startup capital provided by AAT, both could start their independent dressmaking business, but now they are eager to develop their professional skills and their businesses, which is why they need financial support to attend further training in sewing and fashion design.


Details   Amount  (THB)
Transportation 2,000*2 persons*3months 6,000
Food 4,500*2 persons*3months 27,000
Accommodation 3,000*1 room*3 months 9,000
Course Fee (  3 months ) 15,000*2 persons 30,000
Passport Fee
2,000*2 persons 4,000
Total (both Dao and Noi, 3 months)   76,000  (approx. 2,700 USD)
Monthly donation / 1 person    12,700 (approx. 450 USD)