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About AAT

Alliance Anti-Trafic (AAT) is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-religious organization that aims to protect women and children in Southeast Asia from sexual exploitation and trafficking. AAT has two regional offices; one in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and one in Bangkok, Thailand. The regional office in Bangkok, Thailand (AAT Reg. Thai) works in trafficking prevention and empowerment, protection, assistance and return of victims mainly in Thailand and Laos. After the National Election taking place in the end of 2015, AAT is planning to open its first project in Myanmar in order to respond to the alarming situation of trafficking of women and girls from Shan State (a conflict area in Myanmar) mainly to Thailand.

About AAT

AAT will have offices in Taunggyi (Shan State) and in Mandalay. In other important countries in the region (such as for example Cambodia, China, Malaysia and Singapore), AAT works primarily through its partner organizations.

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The regional office in Vietnam concentrates on prevention, return and reintegration programs for the high number of Vietnamese victims of trafficking in the Southeast Asian region and elsewhere. Both offices are regional because they work anywhere in the region when necessary in order to provide protection to victims.
More information about AAT International, including operations in Vietnam, can be found through the AAT International website, through our Facebook page and through Twitter.
In other important countries in the region (such as for example Cambodia, China, Malaysia and Singapore), AAT works through its partner organizations.
Alliance Anti-Trafic was formerly part of AFESIP, but officially registered as its own organization in 2007, continuing joint work as partner organizations.

Our goal

To eliminate sexual exploitation in all its forms, especially sexual abuse, prostitution and trafficking in women and minors.

Our mission

  • To fight against sexual exploitation of women and minors
  • To protect women and minors
  • To prevent and reduce the risk of sexual exploitation
  • To build positive attitude on gender issues
  • To research and understand the root causes of sexual exploitation


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