Alliance Anti Trafic | 10 Years Anniversary Celebration of AAT & A Discussion Panel

10 Years Anniversary Celebration of AAT & A Discussion Panel

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After a decade of hands-on experience and direct action in the field to protect the women and children of Southeast Asian from sexual exploitation, Alliance Anti-Traffic (AAT) has provided protection and support, such as career alternatives, to more than 3,000 women and children who have been victims of trafficking.  Reflecting directly from such experience, AAT is aware that in order to combat the issue of the trafficking of women and children successfully, we need the participation and concrete collaboration, as well as action from all sectors. Knowledge and experience sharing with, as well as learning together from stakeholders are all valuable to AAT in order to serve women and children better in the future.   Therefore, we decided to celebrate our 10th years by organizing a discussion panel on Toward ASEAN Integration: Alternative Solutions for Combating Trafficking of Women and Children in the Region, in order to gain insights into the best practices and best actions that will improve the efficiency and readiness toward integration into the ASEAN community.

Below  is a series of photos of the event. It was convened on 20 June 2014, at the Student Christian Center, Bangkok.  There were more participants attended the event more than what we have expected. For a small organization like AAT, this event is considered a success and as a big step for us. Special thanks to speakers and moderator for their contributions to the success.

Last but not least, we formally and most sincerely thank you for all your wishes, supports, and for celebrating the 10th year Anniversary with us!


Panelists: (from the second Left to Right) 1) Ms. Sirisopa Teansamruey, a social worker, Kredtrakarn Protection and Occupational Development Centre–Department of Social Development and Welfare, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Thailand 2) Mrs. Malaitong Worasit Deputy Director, The Lao Federation of Trade Unions (LFTU),Champasak Province and a coordinator of AAT-LFTU project 3) Mr.Kowit Kulsuwan, Director of the Net Foundation 4) Pol Major Jutportn Arunroektawin, Head of Department of Special Investigation (DSI) Human Trafficking Suppression Division 2 5) Mr. Tongdaeng Yubonwat Head of the Children and Women Protection & Watchdog Group,Chong MeK


Close-up shot of each speaker


Moderator: Ms. Sumalee Suwanakorn Chief Editor, The Nation Multimedia Group


A Situation Overview on Freedom of Movement: Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities for Women and Children of ASEAN By Mrs. Visa Benjamano, A Commissioner of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand


Alternative Solutions to Combat Trafficking of Women and Children in the Region, a Reflection of the Past Ten Years By Ms. Penapa Wuttimanop, AAT Empowerment Project Manager


Opening & Introducing AAT By Mr. Jurgen Thomas, Project Director of AAT Regional Thailand


Overview of AAT Programs by Ms Chaleerat Saengsuwon, AAT Program Coordinator


Presenting new projects and initiatives of AAT


Part of the audiences


At the registration desk


View from the back


Special thanks to the Foundation for Child Development for joining and be part of our event! ขอบคุณ มูลนิธิเพื่อการพัฒนาเด็ก( มพด.) มากๆคะที่มาร่วมงาน ออกบูท กับ AAT เรายินดีและดีใจค่ะ


Group photo before adjourning รูปหมู่ก่อนแยกย้าย


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